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We understand the importance of having a hearing dog by your side. Your Hearing Dog, Inc. is dedicated to finding the perfect companion to support your unique needs and provide the necessary assistance to navigate your daily routine. A hearing dog is trained to alert you to important sounds and helps you feel confident and safe. With the help of a hearing dog, you can enjoy greater independence and peace of mind knowing that you always have a reliable companion by your side.

Hearing dogs are truly big heroes and we wanted to share two great stories. For instance, a deaf woman’s life was saved when her dog woke her in the middle of the night and alerted her to a fire. Hearing dog Pickle repeatedly nudged and licked owner Kirsten Callander and then gave her the sign for danger. Cockapoo Pickle then guided Kirsten through the apartment so she could feel the smoke alarm’s vibrations and see billowing smoke.

Kirsten, 35, said: ‘If Pickle hadn’t woken me up, I wouldn’t be here, simple as that.”

Another deaf owner, John, was walking his cockapoo Edgar across a closed pedestrian bridge, when the dog refused to move and started to bark. The hearing dog led John to a man trapped in a foot of dark, slimy mud in a brook near the bridge. “Without Edgar raising the alarm and leading me back, I would have walked home hearing nothing. Thankfully, the man was unhurt, although covered in mud, but it was a bitterly cold day. John was then able to save the man, pulling him out with Edgar’s lead.

“I also have extra respect for hearing dogs and added confidence knowing that Edgar recognises an emergency and would call the alarm if ever I needed it. He certainly has made such a difference to my life since he joined me two years ago.”

The presence of a hearing dog to assist and lead you is truly remarkable. It enables you to be more aware of your environment and stay secure. This small change can make an enormous difference in your existence.

You can read the full stories of our hero hearing dogs Pickle and Edgar here:



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