About Us

20 Years of Experience

About Us

We Train Hearing Dogs Who Transform Deaf And Hard-Of-Hearing People's Lives

Hearing dogs are custom-trained to assist people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, they are working partners for people with disabilities. Hearing dogs are specifically trained to support the needs of severely hearing impaired people. They serve as their owners’ ears and provide the added benefit of companionship.

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of Your Hearing Dog, Inc. (YHDI) is to directly support the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. This is accomplished by supplying specially trained service dogs who will alert their owners to specific sounds and situations, in essence becoming their ears. Our dogs are carefully matched with potential owners and supported for the lifetime of the match.

Our Vision

Vision Statement

The vision of YHD is to be a recognized leader in the hearing dog agency industry and create a better everyday life for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community; to connect with and understand the needs of that severely underserved group; further the awareness of the importance of hearing dogs; to establish and maintain YHD’s profile and distinctness within the community; and to always follow/act in accordance with our Core Values.

Our Team

Team YHD

David Allery

Board Chairman

David grew up around dogs, primarily herding breeds, and loves the companionship they provide. He’s hard-of-hearing and has been for 20+ years. With a master’s degree in nonprofit management and fund development, he’s very much looking forward to supporting the deaf and HOH community with Your Hearing Dog, Inc.

In his spare time David enjoys writing and publishing (the author of six books) as well as traveling, hanging out with family and friends and spending time with his wife, Robin, and their dog TJ.

Judith Mueller

Vice Chairman

Judith Mueller currently serves as a Board Member for Your Hearing Dog. In her dayjob, she serves as the Executive Director for The Mueller Health Foundation (MHF), a family-led foundation that supports grantmaking in the area of infectious diseases, with a particular focus on Tuberculosis.

Prior to joining MHF, Judith worked at KPMG for the Development and Exempt Organization (DEO) group. She focused her time on providing client facing consulting services in the areas of process optimization, grant reviews and grant performance assessments, data analytics and impact measurement, and enterprise risk management for private and corporate foundations, NGOs, and Corporate Citizenship initiatives.

In her free time, she enjoys going to the dog park in New York City and teaching new tricks to her 9-year old Mini Australian Shepherd.

Heather Brown

Grant Researcher/Writer

Heather earned her master’s degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism with an emphasis in
Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Utah in 2013. She is a certified Adaptive Recreation
and Sports Specialist from the Blazesports Institute and is a certified as a Therapeutic Recreation
Specialist by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

Her background includes working through the rehabilitation process with individuals diagnosed with
complex disabilities, event planning, grant research and writing, and project management.
With her recreation therapy experience, she has become a strong advocate for assisting individuals
with disabilities identify their strengths and overcome their perceived barriers.

When not working, she enjoys gardening, yoga, baking, hiking with her dog, and just spending time
outside with friends and family.

Lauren Awaya

Volunteer Coordinator

Lauren received her bachelor’s degree in Physiology & Neuroscience from the University of California San Diego, where her studies in neuroscience led her to pursue research and advocacy in audiology and the deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) community. She developed a passion for working with and for the DHH community through her experiences as a teaching assistant and camp counselor for DHH students.

Five years ago, Lauren adopted and fell in love with her best friend Kona. Through her journey with him, she learned to believe in the healing power of a canine best friend and shares excitement with Your Hearing Dog in supporting those in the DHH community to find their companion.

Ashraful Arefin

Web Expert

Ashraful a web expert, is proud to offer support to “Your Hearing Dog,” a charity dedicated to pairing hearing dogs with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. With a soft corner for both pets and persons with disabilities, Ashraful’s expertise in technology is utilized to spread awareness and raise funds for this deserving cause.