Kids and Hearing Dogs


It’s heartwarming to witness them together, however, when the Hearing Dog is on the job, it’s essential to make sure kids, owners, and the Hearing Dog understand if they can’t play or pet.

Here are a few helpful tips to help kids understand when touching a Hearing Dog is inappropriate.

  1. Teach your children the difference between Hearing Dog and a regular dog by showing them if they have the vest on or have various handlers.

2. Remind your children to approach the owner before the Hearing Dog if they want to say something.

3. Educate your children not to pet or touch them without the owner’s permission.

People with disabilities depend on Hearing dogs to maintain their health and well-being. These working dogs provide an essential service that should be kept from being interrupted or distracted. Recognizing the importance of allowing service dogs to do their job without interference is crucial. The safety and quality of life of the handler depend on it.

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