Every dog has a talent.

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In my last blog, I mentioned that Guardian Service Dogs was present at our Grand Kickoff Celebration event. The founder, David Proctor (SGT), owns a service dog called Jeffrey. Jeffrey is a Doberman trained to warn David about a coming Seizure after an incident during his time in Iraq. Since the incident, he has come back home and has been looking for a dog, but there was no place to train a dog for his condition, so he started to train dogs for disabled veterans.

At the event, we had the chance to assist in a canine show. These dogs belonged to different breeds, but the show’s founders trained them to jump high, dance, and catch a Frisbee in the air. They were also able to follow their trainers’ commands.

Jude McCoy , March 7th 2022, Dog personality – Different dog personalities and traits . Bella & Duke | Healthy Raw Pet Food Subscription & Delivery (bellaandduke.com). Every human has their own personality, and so does the dog. The research found that the personality of a dog may be inherited by their gene but also the environment and specific training add more characteristics to their personality. All dogs have in common certain personalities, such as being timid, laidback, confident, independent, effectual, and adaptable

What dogs are perfect to be hearing dogs? Every dog can be a hearing dog; in fact, YHD’s first hearing dog is a poodle puppy donated by a dog breeder, Carmen of Little Paws Poodles. This dog would be trained to be a hearing dog for a person who is Deaf or hard of hearing with the purpose of helping and assisting the handler in everyday life. This first dog will go to a person that matches the personality of the dog. At the event, I had a chance to ask David some questions because I wanted to understand how it worked. He told me that Poodles, a breed that doesn’t shed very much, can be matched with a person who doesn’t like fur everywhere in the house; also, a dog full of energy can’t be matched with a person who has a small garden or who does not run, or go climbing a mountain. It has to match the lifestyle of the handler.

Before choosing this poodle puppy, David had to perform an intelligence and temperament test to find the right dog; one dog, in particular, was afraid of an umbrella and nervous. The dog chosen to be a service dog has to be able to perform its duties in any circumstance.

What happens when Your Hearing Dog has people who request a hearing dog but there is no dog available? David said that they always have to find dogs. We were lucky to find the dog breeder Carmen, who donated one of the six dogs to be our first hearing dog.

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