Team fundraising

We are introducing Team Fundraising for our 2022 Giving Tuesday event on November 29th. Here are the details about how you can become involved and the benefits of the team aspect, including prizes.

Not only will there be prizes for the top three individuals who raise the most money but there will also be fabulous gifts awarded to the top two teams. Prizes like restaurant saving cards, $100 Hotel Saving Cards, complimentary vacations and more. We are gathering prizes as of now and will finalize the list shortly.

Speaking of vacations… those are one of the big auction items for our Giving Tuesday event. But what is this all about and how can you score a vacation to a place on your bucket list? Well, let’s dive into the logistics, shall we?

Now, let’s just say one of the places you always wanted to go to was Cancun. And who wouldn’t? With all the fantastic activities, clear blue water and white sand awesome beaches. Sounds like a bucket list item, doesn’t it?

With more than 130 destinations to choose from, you can probably find one on your list of dream vacations. Where can you find all the destinations to choose from?

YHD is working on entering all the spots into our auction site but hasn’t completed it yet. So go here to find your particular destination. One of our sponsors already has an active list.

We kind of went off topic there with the vacations. But we’re very excited to be offering these. You won’t believe the starting prices or the Buy Now price.

We’ve offered these vacations at silent auctions in the past (as part of another fundraising event) and they are always a big hit. Why? Simply because you can see your dream holiday become a reality for much less than you expect.

For example, the starting auction price on the Las Vegas 4 day/3 night getaway is just $75. How can this be offered? That’s answered in detail on this page (scroll down to where it says “how can you afford to give away a vacation?“).

But we regress. The original topic of discussion was centered around team fundraising, what it is and how to get started.

Team Fundraising

Team fundraising is just like it sounds. Gather a team together of family, friends, work associates or just about anyone interested in supporting the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and/or the dogs we train.

Then name your team and set a goal on the amount you’d like to raise together. We’ll keep track of all team totals and have a leaderboard so everyone will know where they stand.

It’s all about participating in a FRIENDLY competition. Adding a little competitiveness never hurts. Just remember it’s a friendly endeavor and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Have a good time with it, enjoy yourselves and remember the good you’re doing in the long run. After all, your generosity is helping YHD provide a much-needed companion for someone who will truly see their life change because of it.

Ready to get started? All you have to do is go here, click on the “fundraise” button (under the video) and sign up. Then gather your team members (they sign up separately), decide on a name and set your goal.

The only questions that remain are…

  1. How much will you raise? And
  2. What destination do you want to START PACKING YOUR BAGS for?

So what are you waiting for? You could be checking off that bucket list item shortly but only if you get started in our friendly team fundraising competition now.